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Is it block?

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7 Good reasons to ask if it’s Block

Fire Safety Concrete block products can prevent the spread of fire to and from other building materials.
Insects & Vermin Resistance Not even the strongest burrowing or chewing rodent or insect can take a bite out of concrete block.
Sound Transmission Resistance Concrete block walls provide an excellent sound barrier, reducing noise in some of the most challenging applications.
Load Bearing Qualities Concrete block not only supports itself, it’s strength allows it to be used in load bearing applications.
Maintenance Free for a Lifetime Concrete block products never need painting or resurfacing and are unaffected by the weather.
Mold Resistance Concrete block products will not support mold growth like many other building materials.
Vandalism Deterrent Concrete block safeguards against most vandalism and graffiti can be removed with cleaners without damage.