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For years, designers have been making the decision to specify concrete masonry wall assemblies in their designs for user comfort, safety, superior resistance to disaster/fire/mould, acoustic benefits, and operational energy-efficiency – among other things.

Now you have the opportunity to choose concrete masonry wall assemblies for carbon transparency. The Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association is providing this free, downloadable Carbon Calculator to quantify the carbon footprint of your designs.

This downloadable tool:

  • allows you to estimate the cradle-to-gate carbon associated with constructing a concrete masonry wall;
  • is based on available published environmental data on products involved in concrete masonry construction;
  • comes with a simple reference, assumptions, and limitations document for full environmental and technical transparency; and
  • provides you the flexibility to input climate zone, wall size/area, material volumes and types, and in return you get a cradle-to-gate estimate of the CO2 footprint for that construction.

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