The Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA)

Mission Statement

“To improve the quality of life for people, through the creation and development of timeless and environmentally friendly masonry structures.”

Vision Statement

“To become the construction material of choice for all building segments.”

About Our Membership

The Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA) was established in 2005; formerly the Ontario Concrete Block Association (OCBA), was established in the early 1960’s as an industry-specific information and reference agency. We are governed by an Executive Committee consisting of a President, Vice-President and Executive Director, together with a seven-member Board of Directors (Five Producers Representatives and Two Supplier Representatives).

Encompassing concrete block producers, suppliers and industry affiliates, CCMPA’s members are acknowledged leaders in Canadian concrete masonry.  Many members, spanning multiple generations, have contributed to the Association for more than 30 years–reinforcing their commitment to the future of the concrete-products industry.  Their dedication to manufacturing excellence and the supply of superior products is demonstrated by ongoing facility modernization, vigilant safe work practices, technical training, technological research, and new-product development. CCMPA is the information conduit for these areas of focus, and serves as a forum for sharing knowledge and ideas that benefit all members and the industry as a whole. CCMPA is the representative voice of the Canadian concrete block industry. Internationally, it is Region 6 of the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA).

Not only does CCMPA have a strong membership base, but we are also dedicated to building industry alliances and partnerships, including but not limited to: The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), Masonryworks, Canadian Masonry Contractors Association (CMCA) and the Ontario Masonry Contractors Association (OMCA), The Cement Association of Canada (CAC) and the Ready-mix Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO).

Our Strategic Plan 2020-2023

2020 saw the collaborative creation of a three-year strategic plan which will serve to guide the CCMPA through to 2023.

Our Key Goals & Objectives

  • Expand the market share for concrete products.
  • Participate in drafting and revising codes and standards that influence the marketing and manufacturing activities of CCMPA members
  • Collect and distribute information pertinent to members’ business.
  • Co-operate with other construction businesses and social organizations, at the direction of members, to enhance the reputation of concrete masonry products and manufacturers.
  • Seek out and supply information and reference materials to facilitate the business of members and support the use of concrete masonry as a building material.
  • Assist members in their efforts as both business executives and community leaders.
  • To encourage and support research in masonry.

Our Initiatives

Technical Support

CCMPA believes learning and development is essential, so we support the authorship and distribution of the textbook “Masonry Structures – Behavior and Design” to students across the country. We also provide access the Metric Technical Manual online (, as well as industry expert answers through our “Dr. Block” ( portal providing informed responses within two business days.


National Marketing Strategy & Research Development

CCMPA executes a multi-media, nationwide approach to marketing. We also regularly commission industry experts to research and develop studies including topics such as life-cycle analysis (LCA), material cost analysis, as well as authoring various articles which support and further the cause for concrete block.


Building Codes, CSA, and Health and Safety

CCMPA commissions several tenured industry consultants to represent the concrete block industry at both provincial and national levels. Additionally, we fund and participate in a collaborations with NCMA (CANUS) to drive alignment between Canadian and American standards. We also actively partner with Masonryworks on their municipal planning initiative.


Industry Wide Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

CCMPA created and maintains an industry wide, Canadian Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which includes all of our active members. (


The CCMPA Student Research Program

It supports research and development efforts at Dalhousie, Concordia, Carleton, Queen’s, York, McMaster, University of Windsor, University of Waterloo, University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, University of Calgary, University of Alberta, Conestoga College, Ontario Masonry Training Centre, and as well as various other masonry programs.


Quarterly Business Reports & Member Meetings

CCMPA distributes and industry-wide mailer and hosts value-add quarterly meetings which feature financial updates, relevant keynote speakers and assorted additional information sessions as requested through member feedback.


National Concrete Masonry Association membership

CCMPA directors have established a membership agreement enabling all CCMPA producer-members to join NCMA. Fees are paid in whole by CCMPA.

Our Primary Challenge

Aggressive competitors with new products seek to capture a greater share of the Canadian concrete-masonry market at an unprecedented rate.  The future of our industry, depends on our ability to influence change and protect our share of the building-materials market. To help support and fund this endeavor, every Producer member of the Association charges a $0.05/ CMU levy on all blocks 10cm and above, while retaining half a cent for individual administration.  This money is used for research and development, monitoring codes and standards, as well as providing valuable resources and expertise to our members. While we believe that the future holds great promise for our industry, with opportunities to expand our share of the market, competition amongst building materials is fierce. Currently, the mass timber market is providing the largest challenge and are also the largest recipient of federal funds.  To combat this, we need work together as an association, so that we can fully leverage the marketability of our product. CCMPA actively works to promote the strength, durability, thermal properties, resistance to mold and carbon sequestering attributes of concrete block. These are the qualities that lend us a competitive edge. It is the goal of CCMPA to ensure we as an industry maintain it through the use of our levy funds.

Why Become a Member?

Membership in CCMPA has measurable value and has proven an essential element in the success of our member organizations. Through CCMPA, members have a strong voice; technically, promotionally, and legislatively, that enables them to harness the strength of the industry for their collective benefit, and support strategic, unified market growth.

As outlined above, CCMPA is guided by a member-designed strategic plan which helps drive the block market forward. We have designed clear, targeted and measurable goals to align efforts across the industry and deliver the highest level of value for every member.

Included in your annual membership:

  • Industry Wide EPD
  • Quarterly Industry Updates
  • Access to Industry Keynote Speakers
  • Access to all CCMPA funded research studies
  • Access to Industry Consultation Experts
  • NCMA Association Membership
  • Access to CCMPA Job Posting Board
  • Inclusion in CCMPA social media and marketing

Our Membership Pledge

As a member of the Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association, I recognize and adhere to the highest possible code of conduct when doing business with my customers and fellow competitors.

As an active CCMPA member, I pledge to:

  • Establish and maintain, wherever possible, positive relationships with all people, and deal with customers and competitors on the basis of honesty, accountability and consistency.
  • Support the legitimate objectives of the Association and provide leadership in all areas of its business.
  • Ensure that all of my company’s products comply with applicable standards.
  • Protect and use only as permitted the Association’s trademarks and items of identification.
  • Remit fees in a timely manner and as agreed by the majority of members at a scheduled Association meeting.
  • Abide the Competition Law Compliance Policy at all times

Membership Fees & Environmental Levy Collection

Producer/Manufacturer Membership

In 2003, the Association’s method of fee collection was revised to more fairly distribute costs associated

with research and product development, building code issues, and marketing. To that end,

Producer/Manufacturer fees are collected as follows:

  1. A base fee of $9,000.00 (plus HST/GST) per block machine and a special $4,500.00 (plus HST/GST) per machine for production of less than 1M blocks.
  2. A levy per block sold is collected by all members and submitted to the Association’s accounting firm on a quarterly basis; this amount is determined annually by the Directors. The levy is $0.05/ CMU. Funds collected are remitted to CCMPA less a half cent retained by individual producer member in support of administration costs.

Supplier/Affiliate Membership

This membership applies to companies and individuals who have a special interest in CCMPA activities and relationships. The annual membership fee is $2,500.00 per year (plus HST), payable in January or upon application. There are two Board seats for Suppliers/Affiliate members elected every second year to the Board of Directors.

Financial Reporting and Accountability

All Levy Fund submissions are tracked using a double-blind system with a third party accounting firm in order to guarantee absolute anonymity.

CCMPA independently drafts an operating budget each year that, pending approval by members, aims to balance the year’s objectives with the association’s expenses.

The Association’s Treasurer reports to the Board of Directors monthly on financial affairs, based on reports provided by our accounting firm, which controls day-to-day cash flow. In this way, the CCMPA Executive and consultants are free to concentrate on member and marketing activities while being kept informed of the Association’s financial well-being.

All year end, audited financial statements are posted once accepted. They can be viewed here:

Competition Law Compliance Policy

The CCMPA, as a trade association, is a legitimate forum for cooperation among competitors by furthering the objectives of the CCMPA, promoting industry-wide education, public policy advocacy for the benefit of all market participants including consumers, and providing market research, expertise and guidance in the development of industry standards and best practices. However, the CCMPA also has a responsibility to implement strict guidelines to prevent improper actions and/or conduct at any CCMPA meetings or events which may, directly or indirectly, be deemed contrary to Competition Law. (Full Policy can be viewed here:

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you as a member.

For more information contact

Paul Hargest, President
Andrea McChesney, Executive Director

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