A Canadian Industry-Average Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Two Concrete Masonry Unit Products

This life cycle assessment (LCA) report or environmental product declaration (EPD) project background report presents industry-average results for normal-weight and light-weight concrete masonry units (CMU) in the Canadian market as produced by Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA) member companies.

The LCA has been completed to support a Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for CMUs conforming to CSA standard A165.1-04 – Concrete block masonry units. Specifically, this industry-average LCA has been completed in conformance with ISO 14040/44 standards [4], [5] and in accordance with ASTM International (ASTM) product category rules (PCR) for preparing an environmental product declaration for Manufactured Concrete and Concrete Masonry Products, December 2014 [1]. This EPD project report (underlying LCA report for EPD development purposes) was commissioned by the CCMPA and its members and is certified by ASTM International to conform to the requirements of ISO 14040 [5], 14044 [4],14025 [3] and 21930 [2] and the ASTM general program instructions.

Download the Life Cycle Assessment.