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CCMPA promotes balanced design

Design and build with Block.

Burnaby BC: February 17, 2013

This photo of a recent fire in Burnaby, B.C. clearly shows the destruction that fire leaves behind. But notice the tower on the left? It’s still standing. Why? Because it was built with concrete block.

Concrete block isn’t just fire-resistant — it doesn’t burn. Period. Which is why it’s a vital component in balanced design. What is balanced designed? A standard-setting approach to building construction which recognizes that there are four key elements of construction required to ensure fire safety: education (how to escape), detection (smoke alarms), suppression (sprinklers), and containment (non-combustible building materials). Concrete block is the best way to practically construct firewalls that contain flames and give people a chance to get out.

So when it comes to fire safety, take a balanced approach. Build it with concrete block.

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