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Wood First?

If current deforestation rates continue, critical habitats could disappear within the next hundred years.

53% of land in Canada is covered by boreal forest. 30% of that forest has been allocated to industry. 90% of logging in the boreal forest is clearcutting.

The earth loses about 13 million hectares (32 million acres) of forest per year – an area about the size of Greece or Nicaragua.

Think about it.

While leading environmental organizations from National Geographic to Forest Ethics are warning of the threats of deforestation and clear- cutting, governments in Canada are implementing policies mandating the use of wood. In provinces such as B.C., Nova Scotia and Ontario, members of the building industry have proposed “Wood First” legislation requiring the use of wood in certain building construction.

Not only does this go against the grain environmentally, it also doesn’t take into account factors such as building longevity, comfort and safety. Industry testing and real-life experience both show that when it comes to safe, soundproof, durable construction, wood simply doesn’t stand up to materials like concrete masonry.

If you’d like to express your concern with Canada’s Wood First policies, contact your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) or comment on Canada’s National Building Code, online for public review until December 23rd at