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The Truth is Controversial!

Ref: Attack Ad reignites feud between concrete and wood industries

I am pleased to read that the concrete masonry industry has decided to tell consumers the TRUTH: that wood is “vulnerable to insects, severe weather and fire”.

Some readers may have the impression these are ‘attack ads’, as referenced by Edmonton Journal columnist, Dan Barnes.  The reality is these ads are simply telling the TRUTH.  Unfortunately, in some cases, the truth is controversial!

The Canadian Wood Council can hide its ‘true stripes’ behind “stronger, safer and more sophisticated products”.  Despite these new wood products, wood is wood.  It’s fundamental material properties do not change.  Wood products remain vulnerable to insects, severe weather and fire” and mould.

I agree with Dr. Mark Hagel that these ads are a “provocative education piece”.

Consumers need to know the TRUTH.  Then they can make an informed choice of whether it is in their best interest to purchase a multi-family or commercial wood frame building.

In this case, the truth is the TRUTH, albeit controversial.

Bruce D. Clark, P. Eng.