Masonry Analysis Structural Systems Software

Simplify and accelerate the masonry engineering process

Masonry Analysis Structural Systems (MASS™) is a powerful software package that analyzes and designs masonry Beams, Out-of-Plane Walls and Shear Walls in accordance with the CSA Masonry Standards. This program dramatically simplifies and accelerates the masonry design process for Canadian engineers.

MASS™ is substantially more than a simple masonry capacity analysis tool; it is a complex design tool! Generating a design is as simple as entering a few dimensions and load values. MASS™ determines the critical load combinations for Moment, Deflection, and Shear design based on loads specified by the designer. The program then quickly cycles through thousands of possible assemblage configurations (block size, block strength, reinforcement size, configuration and spacing) to determine an effective design solution. The user then has the ability to customize this solution with a few quick clicks of the mouse to remove or add unknown parameters to the design routines. In addition, MASS™ comes with a default Masonry Unit Database, which includes common masonry units and their properties. Get more information.