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Report on Journey 2009, Dominican Republic

Hi Jerry,

We are home safe and sound from our awesome Humanitarian Trip. All our projects were completed and houses dedicated.

I have attached a picture of the family receiving the Canadian Concrete Masonry’s house.

Their names are:  Sra Licita Loui Shallo, Sr. Molia and they have one child.  I cannot tell you how excited they were to receive such a huge gift.  They would never, never, dream that they would ever be able to afford a clean, dry new home.  The ownership of their home will be overseen by the Samaritan Foundation, and after 5 years of ownership a deed is given to the wife of the family – as the women are more stable than the men.  You have no idea how decrepit their previous house was.  Very small, dark, no windows – just awful – it truly is a life changing experience for the families.

Our web site is currently being updated.

Planning has started for 2010 – our 5th year anniversary. If you know of anyone that would like to join us – just let me know.

I am more than willing to attend at any meeting or event to give a small presentation on our journeys.

Thank you so much for your very generous donation – many people in the little village of Esperanza (which means Hope) have benefited and will continue to benefit from your generosity.

Julie Kinder