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#BreakTheMould: International Women’s Day

Canada’s Concrete Masonry Industry recognizes the contributions of women to Canada’s construction industry.

Today, we express our gratitude for the many talented women that work in concrete masonry, as we collectively build sustainable, resilient, healthy communities across Canada.

From our perspective, today is also about celebrating all those people, of any gender, who champion and support the progression of women in construction.

Whether on the shop floor or at the board room table, CCMPA, its board, and its members recognize that a diverse team is a stronger team, and a diverse industry is a more successful and vibrant industry.   Women have the opportunity to find fulfilling careers in the concrete masonry industry on sites, in the plant, at the design or estimating table, in research … anywhere their hearts and their skills take them.

Through the month of March in 2023 and 2022, CCMPA had the opportunity to spotlight various women in the industry and we are proud to share these highlights here with you.

CCMPA and its members will continue to #BreakTheMould ~ driving diversity in leadership and workforce ~ and we thank you for supporting and driving this evolution across Canada with us.