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CMU Specified Compressive Strength – SPECIAL TECHNICAL BULLETIN

To Our Producer Members:

Over the past few months, a number of problematic field issues have emerged pertaining to CMU block compressive strengths, required CMU markings, and compressive strength testing and compliance.

Because of the oftentimes very unfavourable consequences of supplying under-strength, noncompliant product, affecting the designer, contractor, and producer, and the concrete block industry as a whole, the CCMPA Engineering Department has issued this Bulletin to highlight and discuss the requirements in the CSA masonry standards pertaining to:

  • required compressive strengths for CMU;
  • required compressive strength markings for CMU; and,
  • required compressive strength testing and test frequency for CMU.

This Bulletin serves as a gentle reminder for our CMU member producers who are knowledgeable about these requirements, and implement suitable quality control procedures to ensure compliance.

Perhaps more so, this Bulletin is intended to be delivered as a “blunt force instrument” to those CMU producers who are ignorant of these requirements, who do not understand them, who disregard them, or who do not have suitable quality control procedures to ensure compliance. These producers risk damaging the credibility of our good industry, destroying the confidence of designers who seek to serve us and others, and harming relationships with our contractor partners and customers. Ignorance of standard requirements and poor practices are wholly unacceptable; indeed, they are indefensible and inexcusable.

Should our members have any questions or concerns regarding the information contained in this Bulletin, please do not hesitate to contact the CCMPA Engineering Department.

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Gary R. Sturgeon, P.Eng.
Technical Services Engineer CCMPA, NCMA
Tel: 1-877-343-6261